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FarmLINK Kenya is a social enterprise project by Mitahato Education Development Fund (MEDF) a community-based organization working with smallholder farmers in rural Kenya. Mitahato Education Development Fund was established in 2011 and has been offering capacity building to smallholders through on-farm demonstrations and training at the Mitahato 1/4 Acre Model Teaching Farm.

MEDF has also worked with farmers through a National Farmer magazine “Kenya Farm Report” that aired on GBS and Ebru TV Kenya for three seasons. The “Kenya Farm Report” Video uploads are available on YouTube.

During this time one of the major challenges we identified while working with farmers was an information gap and ease of access to that information. Each time we hosted a training or aired a show, questions kept streaming as to where to access inputs/services, how to plant, or to control a certain farming problem.

This is how FarmLINK Kenya came to be. A one-stop farming information platform that offers ease of access to current farming information in a simplified and interactive way through the Web, SMS/Call service, and Social Media.

Who we are

Founded in February 2013, the Mitahato Education and Development Fund is a CBO (Community Based Organization) registered under the Kenyan Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. We are bd on a ¼ acre Model Teaching Farm in Mitahato village in Kiambu County. 

Our Goal

The goal of the M.E.D.F. Teaching Farm is to empower farmers with the knowledge and training they need to make informed decisions about alternative horticulture and husbandry to the traditional farming they have been practicing.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop an economic farming model that provides for and nurtures a sustainable village life on 1/4 acre. To partner with and support, local village and government-sponsored initiatives to achieve this goal.

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